Planetarium | Off-Site Programs

Portable Planetarium

Bring the Universe to Your Place

Our portable planetarium is available to schools, community groups and other organizations looking to bring a dynamic and engaging program about the planets, moons and stars to their site.  Participants will enter the domed system, where they will have the opportunity to see the universe like they’ve never seen before. See images and hear stories from a variety of cultures about constellations, travel back in time or into the future to see the night sky, and take a close-up look at the planets in our Solar System.

Call us at (314) 521-6205 or email for availability and scheduling a planetarium program at your school or organization.

The portable planetarium was made possible by the Employee Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis

Program details:
Programs run from 30-45 minutes
Accommodates up to 25 participants
Suitable for all ages
Available for half-day or full-day rental
Space requirements: 20’x20′ with minimum 12′ ceiling

Half-day: $500
Full-day: $750


Off-site|After-school Programs

Our off-site programs are designed to meet the needs of the participating groups. We can expand or condense many of our activities to accommodate a variety of ages, timeframes, and group sizes. Below is a sampling of programs available to bring to your school or organization.

Astronaut Academy

Students will be engaged in training activities that include exploring the effects of gravity on various space vehicles and testing space-age materials to safely land a crew on Mars. Participants will see real astronaut food (and sample similar types of space-like goodies), perform training exercises that test their mind and body, and get an opportunity to try on parts of a replica space suit!


Planetary Voyagers

Students will take an out of this world journey to explore the outer realms of our solar system. Sample activities include making craters using everyday materials  to discover how impacts are made, creating a self-propelled rover that will explore the Martian volcanic landscape, making a “storm in a bottle” to investigate how Jupiter’s Great Red Spot formed over 400 years ago, and performing experiments on an ooey-gooey substance that was brought back from a strange planet named Oobleck.


Wind Turbine Design Challenge

This design-challenge workshop will challenge your students to create the most effective wind turbine blades to harness the most energy. Students will work in teams to design, build and test their blades and then compare their results with those of the other teams. The workshop will also include a discussion about the importance of developing alternate energy sources and how a wind turbine works.


Rockets! Rockets! And More Rockets!

In this highly interactive program, students will design, build and launch several types of rockets fueled by elements such as air, water, and chemically-fueled model rockets. After the rockets are completed, participants will conduct test flights to determine which variables need to be changed to improve their rocket’s performance.

Off-site | After-school program details

Ages: 6-12 (recommended)
Group size: Maximum 20

One-Hour Program: $250/session
4-week session: $950

Two-Hour Program: $350/session
4-week session: $1,200


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