Teacher Professional Development Workshops

Professional development workshops available through the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis are designed to provide practical and innovative resources for teachers at all levels. Professional development workshops are developed with state and national standards in mind. They can also be customized to address any specific needs.

Workshops may be scheduled at your school or at the Challenger Learning Center. Below are some examples of the options that are available.

Cost: $1,200 for half-day workshop or $2,000 for full-day workshop

Inquiry in the Science Classroom

Teachers attending this workshop will gain knowledge of how to include more open-ended, student-focused science activities that enhance students understanding of various concepts. This workshop will be customized to address specified GLE’s/CLE’s. (Grades: K-12)

Interdisciplinary Inquiry

This workshop is designed for elementary teachers and middle school teams that want to understand how to use science topics as a catalyst to facilitate student engagement with language arts, math, social studies, art and P.E. (Grades: K-8)

A Case for Space

This workshop is designed for teachers who would like to broaden their personal knowledge of all things space. Topics will include basic astronomy, spaceflight, and space spin-offs as well as great hands-on ideas to use with students. (Grades: 5-12)

Forces in Motion

Participants will explore concepts in forces and motion and receive idea of how they can engage their students in student-focused explorations. Topics including friction, gravity, magnetism and electricity, and Newton’s laws of motion will be investigated through project-based learning.  (Grades: K-9)

Custom Programs

We can work with you to build a program specific to your needs. Contact Robert Powell, Education Coordinator, at robert@clcstlouis.org or (314) 524-3490 ext. 102 for more information and start planning your own unique adventure!


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