Escape Room

Find the rare Apollo 11 Moon samples hidden within the abandoned base and Escape from Moonbase Alpha before the meteor shower destroys the base–and everything in it!

It’s the year 2069 and you and a group of space tourists have traveled to the Moon for a visit. Upon your arrival, you learn that the crew is missing and that a distant meteor shower is headed straight for the base! You and your group have exactly 60 minutes to recover six Apollo 11 samples and unlock the escape pod so you—and the rare samples—can safely return to Earth before the meteor hits.

Like other escape rooms, Escape from Moonbase Alpha will require participants to complete tasks and solve puzzles as they hunt for the key to escape. Unlike other escape rooms, those tasks will include using robotic arms, completing scientific/engineering tests, and more! This immersive escape room simulation is a perfect fit for friends and families to bond together while discovering clues and solving challenging puzzles.

Ages 12 to Adult

  • Minimum 5 participants; maximum 12 participants
  • $30 per person
  • Allow 90 minutes for experience (60 minutes in room, plus orientation and debrief)

Contact Us

Call us at (314) 521-6205 or email at least two weeks in advance to arrange custom program time; subject to space and staff availability.