Become a member of the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis to extend your space experience throughout the entire year! Our membership program is designed to enhance your space adventure beyond a single mission.

Member benefits include:

  • Public mission vouchers
    • Rendezvous with a Comet
    • Return to the Moon
    • Expedition Mars
    • Earth Odyssey
    • Jr. Astronauts: Space Station Odyssey
    • Mini Rockets Workshop
    • Jr. Astronauts: Mars Pioneers
  • Discounts on summer camps
    • Young Astronaut Training Camp
    • Astronaut Training Camp
    • Advanced Astronaut Training Camp
    • Rocket Lab
    • Innovators’ Workshop
    • Aquatic Robotics
    • Advanced Aquatic Robotics
  • Discounts on birthday parties
    • Party Package A (recommended for ages 5+) – 2 hours
    • Party Package B (ages 12+) – 2.5 hours


Contact us for more information.

Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis
205 Brotherton Lane
St. Louis, MO 63135
fax (314) 524-3764