Corporate Programs

Your team members will have a *BLAST* at the Challenger Learning Center!

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The Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis also welcomes corporate volunteers and donations. If you have a group that is interested in volunteering at an upcoming mission or wants to provide monetary support to further our mission, contact us at (314) 521-6205 or

“Thank you for a wonderful program. You far exceeded our expectations. Every year we do a team-building program and this year’s was the absolute best.”…Howard Rosen, President, Conner Ash

“Our staff learned how to relate to their team members in a more effective way. This was an awesome experience!”

“The program made me think about how I communicate, be more aware of what is going on around me and to celebrate the smaller achievements along the way.  I am taking some of the lessons learned into my personal life as well, including with my daughter. I am so glad that we did this program!”

“The Challenger experience was a chance to work as a team in a unique setting. What a different world!”

All corporate programs are designed for groups of 16-30 participants.

Program Options:

Simulated space mission

By participating in a hands-on, innovative, simulated space mission, employees and employers will face the same challenges and problems encountered by astronauts in space. The program concludes with a mission debriefing to discuss how participants can incorporate lessons learned on their mission into the corporate work environment.

program length: 3 hours

Half-day program

  • pre-mission team-building activity
  • simulated space mission

Teams are engaged in a pre-mission team-building activity that is designed to meet the needs of the participating group. Outcomes such as identifying new leaders, improving communication skills, and understanding various work styles provide a foundation for a successful simulated space mission–and a more effective corporate team back on Earth.

program length: 4 hours


Full-day program

  • Rocket design challenge workshop
  • simulated space mission

Experience a full-day at the Challenger Learning Center. The day will begin with the Center’s award-winning Rocket Design Challenge workshop, where teams of five participants compete for a $10 billion prize by designing, building and launching the best rocket. After lunch, team members will partake in a simulated space mission to the Moon or Mars where teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills are essential for a successful mission.

program length: 6 hours


Additional Options

  • meals/light refreshments can be added to any program for an additional cost
  • room rental ($100/hour)


Other services:

The Challenger Learning Center is available to groups interested in renting a room or the entire facility for meetings, programs or events. Space is available both for daytime, evening and weekend events.

For more information on any of our corporate programs, please call (314) 521-6205 or email us at