Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops are designed for groups to strengthen critical 21st century skills  such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving while being engaged in educational, hands-on activities.

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The Great Rocket Design Challenge

Student teams will play the role of rocket design companies vying for a $10 billion prize. After a brief tutorial about rocket parts and their functions, students will work cooperatively using math, writing, design engineering, and interpersonal skills to design, construct, and test paper rockets that launch on a high-powered air launcher.

Cost: $225 per group (maximum 32 participants)

Wind Turbine Design Challenge

This design-challenge workshop will challenge your students to create the most effective wind turbine blades to harness the most energy. Students will work in teams to design, build and test their blades and then compare their results with those of the other teams. The workshop will also include a discussion about the importance of developing alternate energy sources and how a wind turbine works.

Cost: $225 per group (maximum 32 participants)

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