Scout out your options for STEM learning, merit badges, adventures, and other workshops for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA youth at the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis.


Virtual Space Mission and DustBot Engineering Challenge

Bears, Webelos, and Scouts BSA youth

As the Mars outpost crew journeys out onto the surface, the Mission Controllers will need to guide them through any challenges they encounter in order to complete the mission. Scouts will then shift into the role of Mars Rover engineers as they work to build their own Mars Dustbot prototype to test out and keep for future exploration. During this experience, Scouts will have the opportunity to complete some badgework*

Time: 2 hours
Min participants: 10  Max participants: 20
Cost per Scout: $15 per Scout (includes dustbot kit)
Additional rocket kits: $7 per kit

Kits will need to be picked up at the Challenger Learning Center (pick up date TBA) OR kits can be shipped at a flat rate of $10

*Bear level Robotics Elective Adventure: Steps 1 & 2
Webelos level Adventures in Science: Step 7 (with additionally purchased rocket kits)
Boy Scout Space Exploration Merit Badge: Steps 1 & 4 with the option to  present steps 2 & 7 during the workshop

Cub Scouts

Bear Scouts – Robotics Adventure

Bear Scouts can take part in this workshop for their Robotics Elective Adventure towards earning their Bear Badge. Participants will complete several hands-on activities, including building a working robot that they can take home.



Webelos Adventures in Science – Elective Adventure

In this three-hour workshop, Webelos will conduct various scientific investigations that can be used to earn the Webelos and Arrow of Light Badges. Participants will design and carry out experiments using scientific methods, construct a scale model of the solar system, and build and launch a rocket.



Scouts BSA

Astronomy Merit Badge Workshop

Scouts will observe the Moon and neighboring planets in our planetarium, learn the history and stories behind constellations, and engage in celestial navigation techniques. This 3-hour workshop requires some prerequisite work for full badge completion. The prerequisites include:

Requirement 4c: Make two sketches of the Big Dipper. In one sketch, show the Big Dipper’s orientation in the early evening sky. In another sketch, show its position several hours later. In both sketches, show the North Star and the horizon. Record the date and time each sketch was made.

Requirement 6b: Sketch the phase and the daily position of the Moon at the same hour and place, for four days in a row. Include landmarks on the horizon such as hills, trees, and buildings. Explain the changes you observe.

Please bring these to the workshop.


Electricity Merit Badge Workshop

Scouts will demonstrate the wonders of electricity while practicing safety procedures, construct an electromagnet and electric motor, and learn the basic principles of circuits and electronic devices. This workshop requires some prerequisite work for full badge completion. The prerequisites include:

Requirement 2: Complete an electrical home safety inspection of your home, using the checklist found in this pamphlet or one approved by your counselor. Discuss what you find with your counselor.

Requirement 8: On a floor plan of a room in your home, make a wiring diagram of the lights, switches, and outlets. Show which fuse or circuit breaker protects each one.

Please bring these to the workshop.


Space Exploration Merit Badge Workshop

Scouts will build, launch, and recover model rockets, design a robotic Mars rover, and learn where we encounter NASA technology on a daily basis. This is a six-hour workshop with some prerequisite work for full completion. The prerequisites include:

Requirement 2: to design a collector’s card featuring your favorite space pioneer.

Requirement 7: to design an inhabited base on the Moon or Mars.

Please bring these to the workshop.



Astronomy Merit Badge Overnight Workshop*

Spend the night under the stars! This overnight program includes all of the Astronomy Merit Badge activities listed above, plus a simulated space mission, movie, snack, and breakfast.


  • $45/Scout (must have a group of at least 10 to schedule an overnight

*Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering overnight programs.