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Boost your team’s creative problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills with a mission to the Moon, rocket building competitions, and other space-themed challenges. Together, your crew will discover new strategies to be a more effective team back on Earth.

Group around mission console
participants at mission computers
Group in shuttle room
group outside launching air powered mini rocket
Group at mission computers giving thumbs up
“The entire experience was fabulous…our communication skills were really tested and will be something we continue to use at work.”
“You far exceeded our expectations. Every year we do a team building program and this year’s was the absolute best.”
“It really brought to light the need for me to focus on the bigger picture and how I can contribute to team results.”

Program Descriptions

Return to the Moon Space Mission

For the first time since the Apollo 17 mission, a crew of astronauts is embarking on a mission to return to the Moon. Participants’ collective problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills are put to the test as they strive to reach their destination and deal with any emergencies that arise.

The program concludes with a mission debriefing to discuss participants’ responses to the challenges they faced and how they can apply the lessons learned to their everyday work.

Program length: 3 hours

Group size: 12-30 participants

Space Portal Challenge (paired with the Space Mission)

After a malfunctioning space pod inadvertently transports the crew to another dimension, participants must work together to build a space portal and successfully return to Earth. The activity is designed to provide a foundation for the space mission, where participants will learn how communication and teamwork skills are critical to their success.

Program length: 1 hour

Group size: 12-30 participants

The Great Rocket Design Challenge

The award-winning Rocket Design Challenge places teams in competition with each other to design, build, and launch the best performing rocket. Participants work cooperatively using creative problem-solving, engineering and interpersonal skills to design, construct, and test rockets that launch on high-powered air launcher.

Program length: 2 hours

Group size: 12-30 people

Escape Moon Base Alpha

It’s the year 2069 and you and a group of space tourists have traveled to the Moon for a visit. Upon your arrival, you learn that the crew is missing and that a distant meteor shower is now headed straight for the base! You and your group are tasked to locate six rare lunar samples that have been hidden away for safekeeping  and unlock the escape pod so you—and the samples—can safely return to Earth.

The program includes a mission training activity and concludes with a debrief of the team members’ experience and how they can apply what they learned back to the work environment.

Program length: 2 hours

Group size: 5-10 people

Program Options

Groups of 12-30 participants

3-hour program

  • Return to the Moon space mission
  • Cost: $2,000

Half-day program (4 hours)

  • Space Portal Challenge
  • Return to the Moon space mission
  • Cost: $2,250

Full-day program (6 hours)

  • Space Portal Challenge
  • Return to the Moon space mission
  • Great Rocket Design Challenge
  • Cost: $3,000

Groups of 5-10 participants

  • Escape Moon Base Alpha (2 hours)
  • Cost: $800

Additional Options

  • Room rental ($100/hour)

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