Planetarium & Off-Site Programs

Let us bring a Challenger Learning Center Experience to You!


Our travelling planetarium is available to schools, community groups and other organizations looking to bring a dynamic and engaging program about the planets, moons and stars to their site.  Participants will enter the inflatable domed system, where they will have the opportunity to see the universe like they’ve never seen before. See images and hear stories about constellations, travel back in time or into the future to see the night sky, and take a close-up look at the planets in our solar system.

Call us at (314) 521-6205 or email us at for availability and to schedule a planetarium program at your school or organization.


  • Full day (6 hours) $750
  • Half-day (4 hours): $500
  • Evenings (3 hours): $300

Space Requirements

Indoor space minimum 20 ft x 20 ft, with an 11-foot ceiling and one grounded electrical outlet.

For the best sound quality and student experience, It is highly recommended not to have other programs/classes taking place in the same area.


Maximum 25 people

Program Length

  • Kindergarten and under: 15-20 minutes
  • Ages 6 and up: 50 minutes

For multiple groups, please allow for a 5-minute intermission between sessions to get participants in and out of the planetarium.

Other Off-site Programs


Students build paper rockets and can launch them on our compressed-air launcher.

Living in Space

Students learn how astronauts have to adapt everyday activities to a micro-gravity environment.

Custom Programs

Talk to us about other programs suitable for community STEM nights or classroom-based activities.


$250 for up to two hours of programming.

Ready to book your class trip to space?


Are you an educator? Give us a call at (314) 521-6205.