Crew Manifests

The most important thing for teachers to do to prepare their students for a mission at the Challenger Learning Center is to fill out a Crew Manifest before they come. Please note that we now have different Crew Manifests for every mission. If possible, please make two extra copies of the crew manifest for the flight directors. In addition, please try to have each family sign a Media Release Form, and bring them the day of your mission.

Jr. Astronaut Programs

Note: Divide students up into groups of up to 20, and make a crew manifest for each group. (One Jr. Astronauts A program will have two crew manifests. One Jr. Astronauts B program will have three crew manifests.) 

Jr. Astronauts: Space Station Odyssey (“Jr. ISS”) 

Jr Astronauts: Mars Pioneers (“Jr. Mars”) 

Jr. Astronauts: Destination Moon (“Jr. Moon”)

Full Missions

Note:  If you are scheduled for 2 missions, you will need to complete a separate crew manifest for each mission.

Operation Comet

Lunar Quest

Expedition Mars

If your students are participating in a Discovery Workshop, you need to assign them to jobs ahead of time for those, too:

The Great Rocket Design Challenge

Wind Turbine Design Challenge