We’ve talked to Flight Directors and experienced teachers to find out what it takes to give students the best missions possible. Teachers who complete all the listed items below will receive a flight wings pin!

Even if you can’t “earn your wings” this year, we strongly encourage teachers to do as many of these elements as possible so that your students will have a great experience.

Crew Manifest

Arrive with correct Crew Manifest(s) already filled out. Assignments should be based on student strengths. If possible, make two extra copies for the flight directors.

Arrive on time

Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled mission. If this will not be possible, please call in advance to change your start time (and call the morning of if you are running late).


Bring — or email us — a student-created Mission Patch to represent your class. (This could be a classroom activity, extra-credit project, etc.)


Before your mission, attend a Mission-Ready Teacher Workshop. Workshops are available for new and returning teachers, and will earn you professional development credit.

Adult Chaperones

Bring at least 2 to 4 adults/chaperones depending on your programs.

In-Class Activity

Do at least one in-class activity to prepare students for their mission. (We recommend a combination of communication practice and mission overview.)

Needs Noted

Inform Flight Directors of any relevant student special needs, such as reading disabilities, hearing impairments, or sensory issues. You can note these on the crew manifest. Contact us in advance to discuss any special accommodations, such as leaving early, oversized classes, or lunch after a half-day program.

Contact us in advance to discuss any changes/additions to the group size or schedule listed on the reservation form. More details on how to best prepare your class can be found on our School Programs page.