Classroom Adventures

Bring a collaborative STEM experience to your 3rd-5th grade classroom or school!

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General Information

Classroom Adventures is a suite of digital experiences that drives student collaboration and delivers STEM content in the context of real-world scenarios.

Each Adventure serves as a launch point to earth science, life science, and/or physical science units in 3rd-5th grade classrooms and includes three, one-hour blocks of programming – an interactive simulation, a problem-based learning engineering activity, and a nonfiction writing activity.

Throughout each Adventure, students role-play STEM careers as they work individually, in small groups, and in whole group settings.

Designed by Teachers for Teachers

  • Simple, one-hour online training
  • Software ease of use rated a 4.6/5
  • Ability to set class reading levels
  • Read aloud and closed caption functionality
  • Integrated student assessment
  • Aligned to Missouri and Illinois Learning Standards

Program Goals

  • Deepen Student Engagement
  • Increase Self-Efficacy
  • Develop Collaborative Problem-Solving Skills
  • Role-Play STEM Careers

Current Adventures

Aquatic Investigators

Aquatic Investigators

The commander of an undersea lab informs the students that Hawaiian monk seals are missing from their usual home in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The Commander asks the class to determine what caused them to leave their home, in hopes of finding them. As they work to find the answer, a seaquake takes place damaging the undersea lab and putting the crew at risk. The team must work together to quickly repair the lab and ensure the safety of the crew before they can continue their search for the missing seals.

Dirt Decoders

Dirt Decoders

A paleontologist in the American Southwest calls in the student experts after he finds two important ground sloth bones in a place they don’t belong. The paleontologist asks for the students to figure out where the bones came from and find the rest of the skeleton. As they examine a series of scientific bread crumbs, the students learn that a nearby geologist is trapped in a flooded cave and needs their help. They must help rescue the geologist and then return to decoding their findings.

Nature Rangers

Nature Rangers

A park ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains briefs the students on a mystery plant that may not be native to the area and asks for their help identifying it. As the students identify the plant and analyze the impact it could have on the ecosystem, they realize it is invasive and must be eliminated immediately. However, they soon realize that a bridge leading to their supplies has been washed out by an overnight storm. The classmates must use teamwork and code breaking skills to access the supplies and complete their mission

Requirements to Deliver Classroom Adventures

  • Students: Minimum of four students. Maximum 30-35 students (ideal).
  • Teacher: One teacher/educator.
  • Room: Regular classroom or any room that allows for collaboration.


  • Computers/Tablets: One computer or tablet per student. One computer or tablet per teacher. One additional computer and projector system per class.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android tablets.
  • Browser: MS Edge v. 38 or higher, Firefox v. 44 or higher, and Chrome v. 68 or higher.
  • Internet: Includes real time streaming audio and video. Broadband high-speed Internet is required for an optimal experience.

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