Summer Camps

Experience an “out of this world” summer camp adventure with space mission simulations, DIY maker activities, robots, drones, and more!

Summer Camp Scholarships

Camp scholarships are available for families where cost will prohibit your child from participating in a summer camp experience. Please click on the link below to fill out a scholarship application.  Priority is given to students in the Ferguson/North County area.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Young Astronaut Training Camp

Ages:  8-9
June 13-17
Cost:  $225  

Budding astronauts will go on simulated space missions, build and launch rockets, create their own spacesuits, make robots, and more.

Astronaut Training Camp – Moon

Ages:  10-12
June 20-24
Cost:  $250      

“Astronauts in training” will explore a lunar colony, launch rockets, make robots, and take part in simulated space missions.

Astronaut Training Camp – Mars 

Ages:  11-13
July 11-15
Cost:  $250

“Astronauts in training” will create Mars colonies, launch rockets, make robots, and take part in simulated space missions.

Drone Masters

Ages:  12+
June 27-July 1
Cost:  $375       

Campers will not only learn to pilot drones, they will build their own to keep!  Campers will fly drones in simulation, test multiple drone styles, and learn the soldering and circuitry needed to assemble their own unmanned aerial vehicle.

Rocket Lab

Ages:  10+
June 6-10
Cost:  $290

Rocketeers will build and launch several types of rockets, and make their own electronic launch system and platform to reuse.